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From The Desktop Of Pricipal

Dear Parents & my dear students, Your co-operation and hard works enabled and encouraged the institution to bring out the school to see your little might inflaming the torch. With God?s blessing you can see your budding ward into blooming flower with academic, physical, psychological and emotional maturity. The future of the students lies at the hand of the parents, teachers and students themselves. Someone has rightly said that child?s first schooling starts at mother?s lap. School can do nothing without the cooperation & support of the parents/guardians. Parent?s awareness of their child?s behavior, emotional odd behavior, movements, food/health and so on brings the child on right track. Your ward cannot attain goal however hard he/she perseveres, if the health lets him down. Ailments my weaken the perseverance and distract the mind. Parents? role doesn?t end but starts with the enrolment of ward to the school. The staff expects to be co-operative. The Purpose and the sole aim of the institution is to make the students grow like bamboo tall and high which stands firms and strong against the storm, it sways left & right but never gets uprooted. Dear students be ambitious and strong willed eye and greedy for success. There is no shortcut, magic and supernatural way to success. Amidst the cut throat competition opportunities knock at your door; open the door with full preparation. Let not yourself be pressed down by inferiority complex and week self-will but realize your mental power and capability which are within you. Give yourself a positive stroke always. Keep fanning your ambition, determination and perseverance; never be satisfied & say enough in your study and you will step towards success. Our web site is a mirror to see how the institution caters to the needs of the students to bring out their hidden talents and groom the visible ones. It is to make students fully equipped for the competitive world, give wing to their just & right ambitions, make failures a stepping stone of success, make them realize that there is no shortcut to success. The institution boosts up the enthusiasm and let them ever give up their dreams which helps them up in the ladder of success; makes them take risk & challenges to become a successful and a good human being. Unlike any factory education is not to produce goods but to bring to a good human person out of each child enter into the premises.